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AALPD Discussion on Digital Literacy in AE

Posted by durencls on March 24, 2010

During our COABE session , we mentioned that AALPD discussion list recently lit up about the topic of digital literacy.  David Rosen had the instigating post  – you can view it here:  The Need for Digital Literacy in Adult Literacy Education .

David notes that  “74% of American adults, ages 18 and older, now use the internet as of December 2009.” (Pew research) and yet that “Many adult education teachers either do not have regular daily access to a computer and the Internet,…” (no citation)

He goes on to present a great list of “what things you can do” to improve Digital Literacy and focus on technology in the field of adult education – as a teacher, program administrator, state level administrator or AE funder.

You can also see most posts for this thread in the Archives by searching for “need for digital literacy” (results in roughly reverse date order, with some miscellaneous mixed in). Feel free to join in on their conversation (or pick it up in the comments here!)



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