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Help Your Students Stand Up and BE COUNTED

Posted by durencls on April 1, 2010

Today is National Census Day! 

That envelope you got in the mail?  It should be filled out as of today and mailed ASAP!

Now what, you may ask, does this have to do with skills for the 21st Century?

The Census forms a basis for determining congressional representation and districts, federal and state funding allocation , and many many other decisions about who gets what services and support in this country. In particular, the 2010 Census will affect the numbers in the American Community Survey – which is the current basis for how adult education funds get allocated ito states.

In a nutshell – every AE (and ESOL) student counted = more possible $ for the field of adult education that could be used to better address adults’ skills for the 21st century.

SO – to help address the issue of 21st Century Skills in Adult Education:

  • Mail back YOUR census form (mine went in the mail today).
  • Talk to your STUDENTS about the census – encourage them to mail in their forms, debunk myths, help them fill it out (especially the long form), create lessons about the census, etc.
  • Talk with your PEERS or STAFF about the census and its importance – get EVERYONE  in AE talking about how it could mean more $ for Adult Education.
  • Talk with your neighbors, family, friends about the census – while what is ON it is confidential for everyone, reminding them to mail it in or talking about its importance is NOT.  Also, the Census Bureau has LOTS of available help with the form!

Mail back your form, spread the word, and BE COUNTED!


One Response to “Help Your Students Stand Up and BE COUNTED”

  1. durencls said

    Oooo – look! You can see the Census response rate for the nation, your state, your county and even your town on this Take 10 Map:

    The Census encourages individuals or organizations to “push” for folks to take 10 minutes to fill out their census form now through May 3rd. You can check your local ‘mail participation rate’ DAILY via the map linked above – and challenge your local community to improve their participation rate.

    Every form not returned requires a human being to visit that address and collect the information. The Census Bureau saves $60-$70 per census form that is returned by mail. About $85 million is saved for every one percent increase in mail participation nationwisde. If 100% of households mailed back their forms, taxpayers would save $1.5 BILLION dollars. (wow)

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