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Online Hosted Discussion on ELA

Posted by wrmcnutt on November 15, 2011

The Adult English Language Acquisition (ELA) list will host a discussion on November 21 and 22, and 29 and 30. Dr. JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall will facilitate a discussion of “Issues in the Preparation and Professional Development of Practitioners Working with Adult English Language Learners”

Discussion Description

Dr. JoAnn (Jodi) Crandall and colleagues from the Center for Applied Linguistics conducted a survey of teacher certification and professional development expectations for adult ESL teachers. The results of the survey revealed that although there are differences among the states, in general, states are paying more attention to issues of teacher quality. During this online discussion, Dr. Crandall will facilitate and discuss issues of teacher quality as they relate to the initial preparation and professional development of teachers of adult English Language Learners (ELLs) from initial preparation and expectations of newly hired teachers to issues related to more experienced teachers, including those who may be experiencing near burn-out from the stresses of several part-time jobs without contracts or benefits.

For a brief biography of the facilitator, guiding questions for the discussion, and a link to a reading related to the discussion, go to

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Miriam Burt

Moderator, Discussion List for Adult English Language Acquisition (ELA)
Center for Applied Linguistics


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