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Effective Presentations/Visuals

This page lists links to discussions & resources relating to Effective Presentation SkillsAvoiding Death By Powerpoint (another topic of interest for Bill & Duren).

Recent Readings/Articles:

Garr Reynolds Top Ten Slide Tips (2016) – concise, good ideas for making more professional and effective presentations.

Jeff Bezos and the End of PowerPoint as We Know It – 9-7-2012 from Forbes Magazine
[Two years after we created this page on more effective/visual presentations, Forbes magazine publicly agrees with us.  🙂 ]

How to Make a More Effective PowerPoint Presentation (2009) – great overview, with research backing from 

Making Presentations that Stick – April 11, 2010 from Presentation Zen.
[I like FastCompany’s 3 main points, and LOVE the Girl Effect video.]

We Have Met the Enemy and He Is PowerPoint – New York Times, 4-27-2010
[How PowerPoint has taken over the military to almost ridiculous levels.]


What is good presentation design? (from Presentation Zen by Garr Reynolds, 2005)
A great comparison of before and after slide designs showing how slight adjustments make a WORLD of difference in slide effectiveness.

Our Recent Posts on this Topic:

More Visual Presentations – 04/05/10 [Discussion of the need for Visual Literacy as a metaskill and our work with more effective presentation methods.]

You can find ALL of our posts on this topic under the Effective Presentations subcategory

Recommended Resources:

Why Bad Presentations Happen to Good Causes – Andy Goodman & Cause Communications.  [FREE Download! Based on his research across the public interest sector, and with public speaking experts, this short and to the point document can help you avoid the most commonly made mistakes (“The Fatal Five”), structure your presentation in ways that help audiences absorb and retain your key points, use PowerPoint more effectively, and deliver your talks with greater confidence.]

Presentation Zen – Blog by Garr Reynold’s, author of a book by the same name. [In his own words:  “…doing my part to help rid the world of boring, ineffective, ridiculously bad, amateurish PowerPoint presentations“]


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