Skills for the 21st Century

Cognitive and Literacy Skills for Success in a Fast-Paced Technological Age

New Generations

Bill and Duren have an interest in Generational Theory, particularly how recent ‘generations’  are dealing with technology and its rapid rate of change. We feel that this research/perspective could have significant implications for adult literacy education – as instructors are often dealing with 3-4 generations in a single class. We have, in particular,  presented information on the Millennial generation at  state and national conferences.

On this page, we have gathered some resources on Millenials and generational research, including our presentation materials. As this is a popular topic, we expect to add to it routinely – be sure to check back to see what is new!

Currently Reading:

Generational Research Overviews:

Just a few links to solid ‘overall’ resources, …

More “overview” resources are listed in the most recent version of our Millenials Presentation handout.

The Millenial Generation (or Generation “Y”) – 1982-2000 (or 19??-1995, or 19??-1995, or…)

Generation “Z” – 2001-2009 (or 1996-2004, or 2001-2021, or…)

Solid research/information on this group is scarce…

If the generation born between 1945 and 1955 could put a man on the moon, invent Internet, Ethernet, and other digital technologies – with a background that did not include television, mobile phones, digital computers, or anything beyond a slide rule, what might we expect from Gen Z babies?”
John Savageau, Diffusing Technology into Generation Z


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